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07 Jun 2021

Syniad Launches Anodyne Chemistries

VANCOUVER, BC., June 7, 2021 – Syniad Innovations Inc (“Syniad”) is pleased to announce the launch of its latest venture, Anodyne Chemistries Inc. (“Anodyne”). Anodyne is a biochemistry company with a platform that harnesses the power of naturally occurring enzymes to create high-value fuels and chemicals.

Catalytic enzymes have been the subject of significant scientific interest over the last decade, but their reactions are slow and low yielding. Anodyne has discovered a scalable method of immobilizing enzymes, to turn low yield reactions into controlled high-yield performance. This is a globally significant development that has the potential to create carbon negative alternatives to a variety of industrial processes. Anodyne’s first objective demonstrates that the platform can lock CO2 into methanol to produce everyday plastics and materials. But in the future, the forum could be purposed for a broad range of chemicals.

Dr. Iain Evans, Syniad’s Chief Investment Officer, commented, “Anodyne is a wonderful example of the power of transformative science, and it’s right in the crosshairs of our advanced chemistries investment thesis. The scientific concepts have been under development within Syniad for nearly a year and today’s announcement of the launch of Anodyne is a significant progress milestone. Immobilizing enzymes sounds simple, but the team has overcome huge biochemical engineering challenges to get us to this point. This platform could unlock significant benefits as the world moves away from fossil hydrocarbons as a source of chemical feedstocks.”

Manou Davies, Chief Scientific Officer of Anodyne, commented, “Enzymes have evolved over millions of years to be the most prolific chemical factories we know. We harness their capabilities to produce the chemistries that society needs without the unwanted emissions, carcinogens or hazardous work environments that typify chemical production today.”