About Anodyne

Our Story

Anodyne is a Canadian startup with the vision to make the chemical industry sustainable by harnessing the potential of enzymes. Our enzymatic platform is created through a pioneering approach that combines the evolutionary advantages of biology with the efficiencies of the chemical industry. By transitioning from fossil to fossil-free manufacturing, we seek to play a key role in solving one of the grand challenges of our time – how to produce affordable, sustainable products that we use every day.

We are striving to build the industry’s leading chemical technology platform, the infrastructure to accelerate scale-up, a rapidly expanding pipeline, and a world-class team. Our pipeline includes development candidates for fuels, polymers, food additives and pharmaceutical ingredients, and we have multiple trials underway with other development candidates. In addition, we have initiated discovery programs with leading research universities, expanding the potential impact for our technologies.

Area of Expertise
  • 01.Synthetic Biology
  • 02.Electrochemistry
  • 03.Enzyme Engineering
  • 04.Process Engineering
  • 05.Manufacturing
  • 06.Sustainability

The Team

Iain Evans | Chief Executive

Iain Evans

Chief Executive
Manou Davies | Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

Manou Davies

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder
Curtis Gibbs | Lead, Enzymes

Curtis Gibbs

Lead, Enzymes
Jason Kwan | Lead, Electrochemistry

Jason Kwan

Lead, Electrochemistry
Alisson Bastos | Lead, Reactors

Alisson Bastos

Lead, Reactors
Eric Mielke | Lead, Engineering

Eric Mielke

Lead, Engineering
Phillip Danby | Biochemist

Phillip Danby

Mohammed Al-Seragi | Biochemist Intern

Mohammed Al-Seragi

Biochemist Intern
Callum Bulman | Prototyping Engineer

Callum Bulman

Prototyping Engineer
William Shen | Research Scientist

William Shen

Research Scientist

Join our Team

Our team culture is diverse and collaborative by design: we are pioneering an entirely new approach for an established and critical industry. Our doors are open to the very best talent from all backgrounds and experiences, and we’d love to hear from you as we expand our team.