Sustainable chemicals by design

We help manufacturers produce low carbon products

The Big Picture

Historically one of the toughest sectors of the economy to decarbonize, the $6 trillion chemicals industry is responsible for roughly 10% of global energy consumption and 20% of all industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Pollution is produced at every step in production, from fossil-derived feedstocks to processing to transportation. On top of that, many chemicals are notoriously unsafe to make.

The Anodyne Difference

Carbon negative products for a climate positive future

  • Low Energy

    Highly energy efficient, operating at room temperatures

  • Zero Emissions

    No air emissions, no wastewater emissions

  • Cost Efficient

    High yields generated with low utility costs

  • Safe

    No toxic byproducts, low temperature operating environment, only natural inputs

The chemicals you need, to deliver the products your customers want

Our Advantage

Anodyne harnesses biology to make low carbon chemicals. We employ enzymes, nature’s factories, to deliver products with incredible efficiency. We can do this because we figured out how to simplify and control a traditionally complex and difficult process. Now we’re building a platform that will allow us to replicate this process to produce the fossil-free fuels, chemicals and pharmaceuticals we will need for generations to come.