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09 Aug 2022

Anodyne Receives SDTC Funding to Make Carbon-Negative Chemicals

VANCOUVER, BC, August 9, 2022 — Today, Anodyne, the renewable chemicals company, announced it was approved for Seed funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

Anodyne is addressing one of the biggest climate problems facing the international community, emissions from chemical production, which the IEA estimates accounted for 920 million tonnes of CO2 in 2020 and was the third largest source of global CO2 emissions.

Anodyne’s processes use enzymes, nature’s catalysts, and renewable electricity to produce chemicals at room temperature and are based on breakthroughs in synthetic biology, electrolysis, and modular plant design.  The company’s green products will drastically reduce or eliminate emissions and create cost-competitive alternatives for a range of products that currently do not exist.  Anodyne is a platform biochemistry company, and the company’s solutions will be used to deliver sustainable fuels, safer food, and healthy personal care.

“Our breakthroughs in enzyme electrolysis allow us to produce chemicals in a more sustainable and profitable way,” said Dr. Iain Evans, CEO and co-founder of Anodyne. “As more companies and organizations adopt carbon-neutrality targets, they urgently need technologies like Anodyne’s to reduce feedstock price volatility, rapidly green supply chains and reduce emissions at scale.”

The latest round of funding will be used to advance Anodyne’s enzymatic platform and extend Anodyne’s product portfolio into carbon-based products. Through its biochemistry platform, Anodyne has the potential to address a significant portion of the chemical products on the market today as well as introduce novel, bio-advantaged products. Taken together, this would allow Anodyne to decarbonize some of the world’s largest carbon-emitting industries.

“This funding allows us to continue expanding the capabilities of our technology to give industries the renewable chemicals they need to reduce emissions in their existing supply chains without compromising on performance or economics,” said Anodyne co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Manou Davies.

“To seize the opportunities of the Net Zero economy in Canada, we need to be supporting all stages of innovation. Seed companies like Anodyne represent the next generation of sustainable solutions paving the way to a greener future. SDTC is proud to support innovative young companies get their ideas off the ground.” – Leah Lawrence, President and CEO of SDTC

About Anodyne Chemistries

Anodyne’s mission is to sustainably produce renewable chemicals. Its line of environmentally friendly products helps companies be competitive and responsible stewards of the environment and local communities. Founded in 2021 by Robert Greene, Manou Davies and Syniad Innovations., Anodyne applies industrial biotechnology and electrochemistry principles to re-design the production of chemicals for the climate era.

About Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) 

SDTC supports companies attempting to do extraordinary things. From initial funding to educational support and peer learning to market integration, SDTC is invested in helping small and medium-sized businesses grow into successful companies that employ Canadians from coast to coast to coast. They are relentlessly focused on supporting our companies to grow and scale in an increasingly competitive marketplace.