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27 Jan 2023

Anodyne selected as a finalist in the Natural Gas Cleantech Competition

January 27th, 2023, Vancouver, British Columbia – Anodyne Chemistries (Anodyne) is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a finalist for Round 8 of the Natural Gas Cleantech Competition.

The competition, launched in May 2022, targets cleantech start-ups with solutions that can create value and mitigate the environmental impact of natural gas in Canada. The competition received 61 project applications, and 11 were selected as finalists to advance their cleantech innovations. Anodyne’s proposal accelerates its sustainable fuels production system focused on the bioelectric production of methanol, a low-carbon fuel.

We wish the best of luck to all finalists who are de-risking their clean technologies through field trials and pilots using NGIF’s industry-led model of industry validation, customer creation, and market commercialization.

About Anodyne Chemistries

Anodyne is a biochemistry company developing a platform to harness naturally occurring enzymes to create high-value fuels and chemicals.

Catalytic enzymes have been the subject of significant scientific interest over the last decade, but their reactions are slow and low yielding. Anodyne has discovered a scalable method of immobilizing enzymes to turn low-yield reactions into controlled high-yield performance. This is a globally significant development that has the potential to create carbon-negative alternatives to a variety of industrial processes. Learn more at